Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's just weird sometimes...u haven't seen someone for the longest and then out of nowhere this person re appears and changes everything...the way feel, the way you act, even your thoughts! I used to watch movies, and see females that marry or got with another man that they loved but it wasn't the man that they were in love with. Sometimes because such man wasn't ready to commit, or whatever the reason may be. And then years later, he re appears in her life, but this time he regrets the things he did and did not do back then, and you start wondering how things would really be if  you two were to be together. Now, you are in the middle of 2 that you love, and the other that you still might be in love with, what do you do? Do you just let it go and keep on wondering for the rest of you life, or do you try to find out if the feelings are really still there? And if it is, what do you do next? I guess we all know what to do when we are not in the situation, but once it comes our way...we're lost!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Change of Lanes

I was once told by mom that it doesn't matter how many times you change lane, the lane the you just changed from will go faster than the lane you are right now. Why is that so true? I was running a little bit late today, and so was the lane in which I was, so as any normal person would, I changed lanes. The lane that I changed to completely stopped, and then when I thought it was finally moving again, the guy in front of me decides to make a turn and completely stops while making a turn. That lane change added about 10 extra minutes to my trip. So be very careful when you change lanes!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just cuz it sounds like it...doesn't mean it is

When days are slow and the phone doesn't ring as much, I like to listen to music while I am working. I am very eclectic, but people get so surprised when they see me listening to rock, or a nice country song. I like music, whatever kind that soothes my ears. So, I looked up a song called "Mamacita" by Collie Buddz, a Jamaican singer. At first, I was 100% sure that Collie was black; 1st because it sounded Jamaican, and in our minds every Jamaican is black; 2nd because that way he was speaking. Here is the video:

1st Mistake: There are plenty of light skinned Jamaicans, Sean Paul being one of them.
2nd Mistake: The way someone speak should not determine who they are.

Living and learning!

Eyes of the beholder

Some say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but so is happiness and sadness. Today, my dear mother brought something very interesting to my attention. She asked me: " Have you noticed how the human race has the tendency to only see their own reality?". So, I stopped and thought about how truthful her statement really was. When I was pregnant I felt like the world was going to end in babies, everyone was pregnant. I had a 97 toyota camry, and felt like everyone had one, and now I have a hyundai sonata and it seems like everyone is driving one. So I came to the conclusion that we see the world based on what we are living, and that's a bad thing. Today I promised myself that I will try to see my everyday as a blessing and maybe my life will turn out to be a blessing!